Post-Operative Care
Dear Patient:
Avastin, based on your physician's diagnosis, could be injected several times for different diseases. Interval between the injections also is determined by the physician.
v    Remove the eye dressing after 4 hours.
v    Prescribed drop (CLOBIOTIC) should be used one drop every 6 hours for 4 days.
v    In the first 24 hours after the injection having a little pain, Irritation and redness of the conjunctiva is completely normal.
v    Talk to your physician before washing your eye or taking any shower.
1.    Call our Emergency Department in case of situations below:
2.    Sharp pain in the eye
3.    Deterioration of eyesight
4.    Increasing redness of the eye
5.    Extreme sensitivity to light
6.    Mucopurulent discharge (secretion of fluid containing mucus and pus from the eye)
Meet your physician in the next appointment (the day after injection) if you had none of the symptoms mentioned above.

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