Retinal Surgery


Retinal Surgery (Vitrectomy)
Postoperative Care Following Retinal Surgery
1.    You should wear the eye patch for the first night after surgery. You do not need to wear an eye patch after the patch is removed by your Physician one day after surgery, unless advised by your physician.
2.    Wearing sunglasses during the day and a perforated eye shield over the operated eye at night when sleeping for the first week after surgery is recommended.
3.    To prevent infection and promote healing you will be given several different kinds of eye drops when you leave the hospital. You will be using these drops from four to eight weeks.
4.    Bring all eye medications (drops, ointments, or pills) with you to each visit.

5.    Always wash your hands before putting in the eye drops or ointments.

6.    Wait 5 to 10 minutes between eye drops to allow the medications to get absorbed into the eye.

7.    The first 24 hours after surgery have a diet of soft food and containing sufficient amount of liquids.

8.    Take all medicines you were taking before the surgery, except for Aspirin or Plavix (anticoagulants)
9.    After different types of retinal surgery you may be advised to take special positions like sitting, semi setting or prone position. It is crucial to comply with these orders as neglecting the order may have direct negative impact over the surgery result.

10.    You would be able to do your normal activities like walking, watching TV, looking at magazine. Try to keep your head above your head. Talk to your physician about taking shower or bath.

11.    In case of pain, use analgesics (pain relievers) as advised by your physician only.

12.    In case of situations bellow contact your physician ASAP:
·    Sever pain in the operated eye
·    Severe redness of the eye
·    Eyelid swelling
·    Loss of vision
·    Purulent discharge

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