Post-operative care of Strabismus


Strabismus Surgery

In most cases, the only effective treatment for a constant eye turn is strabismus surgery. The success of strabismus surgery depends on many factors, including the direction and magnitude of the eye turn. In some cases, more than one surgery may be required. The strabismus surgeon can give you more information about this during a pre-surgical consultation.

Post-operative care of Strabismus

1.    Have a diet of soft food and containing adequate amounts liquids (such as: soup, juice, compote, etc.) up to 12 hours after surgery.
2.    Use analgesics (pain relievers) as advised by your physician only.
3.    Have relative bed rest for 24 hours after your surgery.
4.    Avoid touching or rubbing your eye.
5.    Avoid washing your face without your physician permission.
6.    Meet your physician at appointed time.
7.    If your eye is bandaged, do not remove it without your physician permission.
8.    If, before surgery, you were taking any medicine for high risk diseases such as hypertension and diabetics, continue taking them except for Aspirin or Plavix (anticoagulants)
9.    Do the eye exercises if recommended by your physician in order to strengthen your extrinsic eye mussels. 

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