Post-operative care of Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)


Post-operative care of Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR)

1.    Check and control bleeding up to 24 hours after operations, especially in the first hours after surgery.
2.    Use the ice bag up to 24 hours alternately.
3.    Rest in a semi-sitting position. Avoid strenuous activities and bending your head.
4.    Small amount of dark blood clot in vomit after surgery is normal.
5.    Have a diet of soft food and containing adequate amounts of liquids (such as: soup, juice, etc.) up to 12 hours after surgery.
6.    Use analgesics (pain relievers) as advised by your physician only.
7.    Have complete semi-setting bed rest for 24 hours after your surgery.
8.    Call your physician if your nose doesn’t stop bleeding (when the blood is bright and heavy).
9.    Avoid touching your eye and washing your face until your physician allows you to.
10.    Meet your physician at appointed time.
11.    If, before surgery, you were taking any medicine for high risk diseases such as hypertension and diabetics, continue taking them except for Aspirin or Plavix (anticoagulants).

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