Pre-Operative Guide


Pre-Operative Guide
Welcome to Negah Eye Hospital
We are so honored to have been trusted and have this opportunity to give our best services to you. Please consider the following guidance to help us providing high quality services:
·    Do not eat or drink 8 hours prior to your scheduled surgery.
·    Take a bath the night before surgery.
·    Wash your face with baby shampoo the morning of surgery.
·    Females should clear all make-up or finger nail polish on the day of surgery.
·    To speed up preoperative processes it is essential that patients come to the hospital a day prior to their surgery for preoperative cardiac consult, blood tests, lens power calculation and electrocardiography (ECG).
·    It is essential to report all medications you are taking, especially your anticoagulant medicines (such as Aspirin, Warfarin, Plavix, Dipyridamole, etc.)
·    It is essential to have your Chest X-Ray, complete list of medicines you are taking, laboratory test results, eye scans, and documents of your heart, lung and brain diseases or disorders with yourself.
·    Use your essential medications such as cardiac or diabetic medicine with a little water as advised by the hospital medical consultant. 
·    Have a responsible adult with you to get you home safely. You cannot drive home yourself after surgery. You can take a cab if there is someone with you.
·    Patients under 18 should have their father or their legal guardian signing their inform consent of surgery.
·    The appointed time of your surgery is only approximate. In case of any delay, please keep calm and cooperate with our personnel. We do our best to give the highest feasible quality of services.

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