The optometry unit is placed in 1st floor of the hospital. Its services are:
v    Optometry: detection / diagnosis and correction of refractive errors such as hyperopia, myopia, astigmatism with glasses, presbyopia, strabismus and misalignment of the eye.

v    Prescription of contact lenses: Prescription of contact lenses based on refractive errors for patients. (Hard lens, Soft lens and Hybrid), assessment of eye health and physical & psychological conditions for use of lenses in patients with indication.

v    Orb-Scan & Galilei: to measure anterior and posterior corneal surface, anterior chamber depth, pupil diameter that often is necessary before refractive surgeries.

v    Aberrometry: Detection and measure structural imperfections in the eye ball which affect the eye's ability to perceive images.

v    Vision rehabilitation Services: vision rehabilitation allows people who are blind or have low vision to continue to live independently and maintain quality of life. 

v    Topography: corneal topography, also known as photokeratoscopy is a non-invasive medical imaging technique for mapping the surface curvature of cornea.

v    Pachymetry: the process of measuring the thickness of the cornea by a small probe through ultrasound waves.

v    A Scan & B Scan: A –scan ultrasound measures the eye to determine the right power of a lens before cataract surgery. B scan is a diagnostic test used in optometry and ophthalmology to produce a two-dimensional, cross sectional view of the eye and the orbit.

v    Specular Microscopy: Evaluation of number, form and size of cornea endothelium cells for refractive surgeries, cataract surgeries, keratoplasty and replacement of ring in.

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